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Top 10 Tips for Throwing a Smashing Quinceanera

Celebrating the Quinceanera is one of the most-awaited moments in the life of a young Hispanic girl. It is a day full of lavish decorations, exquisite dresses, and wonderful music, but behind all of it is the tedious preparation to make the whole shebang truly awesome. Here are some great tips to guide you as you take this eventful day into your own hands!

Plan ahead of time.
Organize your way into perfection by detailing each of your goals onto paper. This way you won’t forget any important aspect of your Quinceanera. Make sure you start brainstorming ideas even a year ahead, just to have more time if necessary changes occur. Map out a specific schedule for every activity and keep all of your materials in one place or envelope to establish a system.

Form a team.
It is way more fun to involve your family and friends in the planning process. Their input could make a difference to your Quinceanera. Your team of support, especially your parents, can help you decide on your guestlist, the proper venue, and the perfect date for your Quinceanera.

Money matters.
Quinceaneras can be memorable without overshooting the budget. Be resourceful. You can find alternative shops which sell more affordable but still high quality party decorations, cakes, or flowers. You can even create your own decor or ask a friend do some arrangements. A relative can also teach the dance instead of hiring a professional.

Choose a theme of your own.
Making it your own is definitely a must. The theme will be the foundation of the whole Quinceanera so choosing a theme that reflects who you are is utterly important. If you love romantic books, then echo a bit of Romeo & Juliet. If you love Hollywood, then create your own red carpet or make it in your own favorite color. If you love watching movies, then prepare a documentary to be shown at the reception.

Tradition is fashion.
Quinceaneras would not be the same without its traditions. Choose the traditions that are most important to you which may include the crowning of tiara, replacing of shoes, dancing with your father, the waltz performed by your court, and receiving of the scepter.

Life Songs.
Fill your whole celebration with songs that you most enjoy. These could be upbeat tunes so your friends can dance along or melodic songs that touch your heart. You could even replace the traditional father and daughter song with your favorite. It is important that there is an emotional connection with the songs you choose for a more heartfelt Quinceanera. 

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse.
Make time to practice the whole program so there will be no blunders when the actual time comes. Practice the flow of the whole event, from the church to the reception hall. Knowing who will speak or stand up at what time is key to smooth flow. The court of honor should also schedule a practice for their performance.

Speech is power.
Saying thank you to the people that matter is a very special moment that you could inject to your Quinceanera. This way you would be able to send your love to everybody as well as your hopes and dreams in the future. It also becomes more special if you go around each table to greet and say thanks to everyone.

Chic creativity.
Personalize your Quinceanera with your own design of the venue, the Qunceanera dresses, and even your cake. Use your imagination by making your own homemade keepsake for your guests. This is once in a lifetime so make sure they remember it because of its originality.

Smile your heart out.
Most important of all, smile from the bottom of your heart during your Quinceanera. A lot of hard work has been put into it, so make sure you enjoy it. If everybody sees the happiness shining through you, they will surely enjoy it more and do their best to make this day as remarkable as it could be.