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15-Candle Ceremony

According to popular belief, the 15 Candles Quinceanera ceremony has two origins; one comes from Argentine Quinceanera traditions and the other from Sweet Sixteen parties of American culture. Both origins have emotional and familial reasons for each.

15-Candle CeremonyThe Argentine Quinceanera ceremony of 15 Candles is called the Tree of Life wherein the celebrant delivers 15 candles to 15 people who played a significant part in her life. She makes a speech for each candle and hands it to the to the intended person. The Tree of Life often involves family members and is very emotional for the celebrant.

As with the Sweet Sixteen tradition, the Quinceanera version has 15 people that the celebrant has chosen to light her birthday candles. These people are usually the ones she considers most important in her life.

This ceremony might change in terms of who will make the speech, the way songs are played in the background, and the duration of each speech. After all the candles have been lit, the celebrant blows them out and makes a speech, after which her cake is cut and distributed.

One of the most personal component of Quinceanera traditions, the 15 Candle ceremony makes this coming-of-age celebration very emotional. If you are considering a 15 Candle ceremony for your Quinceanera, remember that each person should have a special significance in your life.